“Where can I find weapon mods?”

“Where can I find weapon mods?”

Always read through the Description page of the weapon mods and their FROST patches to get all their requirements, or to follow special installation instructions.


He patched a few dozen mods for FROST, and he definitely has patched some weapon that you like.

BSJ Prophet

They made a Mauser Pistol mod for FROST.


They made 2 weapon patches for FROST.


That is my nexus profile, I patched a few weapon mods for FROST.


He made a patch for the Zap Gun mod. You should get that mod if you are a fan of makeshift energy weapons.


They made a few patches for different weapon mods.

Why do weapon mods need a patch for FROST?

Using them without a patch for FROST can cause several problems like:

  • CTDs (caused by template issues or mesh problems)
  • Weapons not spawning on NPCs or elsewhere at all
  • NPCs only running around with the new weapon but not with any other weapon
    • This problem gets worse with higher player levels
  • Immersion/Lore breaking quests, NPCs or items
  • New weapons are either over-powered or under-powered
  • General balancing issues
  • Conflicts with Leveled Lists, World Objects, …

Check the load order section on where to put the weapon mods and their FROST patches.

How can I patch weapons myself for FROST?

Here is an article on how to do that. You obviously require xEdit and some CK knowledge to patch weapons properly.