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What item sorting mods should I use together with FROST?

You can use a sorting mod of your choice, as long as it has an xEdit script that dynamically tags items specifically for your load order. Do not use premade plugins that add tags to items! Premade plugins are often outdated and revert items to an outdated version of themselves. I recommend to use Complex Sorter.

How can I figure out if a mod is compatible with FROST?

FROST changes is a complete overhaul of the game, so many mods have compatability issues with FROST. You can’t just install every mod from the Nexus and expect it to work. This page is just for a general overview of what is compatible and what is not compatible, there are always exceptions of some kind.

Compatible Mod Types

Generally the following types of mods are compatible with FROST without a patch.

  • Texture Mods
  • Sound, Music and Radio mods
  • Mesh replacer mods
  • Body Replacer mods (CBBE, Fusion Girl, …)
  • Mods related to character creation (Looksmenu, Hair mods, Eye mods, …)
  • UI mods
  • Tree mods (mods that add more trees)
  • Mods that only use F4SE .dll plugins

Incompatible Mod Types

Generally the following type of mods are completely incompatible with FROST

  • Most mods that are Overhauls, like Horizon, Raider Overhaul, Damn Apocalypse, MAIM, Sim Settlements (1 and 2), Better Locational Damage, AWKCR
  • Mods edit creatures that are not present in FROST (Supermutants, Insects, Synths, Mirelurks, Supermutant Hounds)
    • Simple texture replacers are fine
  • Mods that repair Previsibines and Precombines in a large amount of cells (Boston FPS Fix, PRP, …)
  • Outdated/legacy mods, like AWKCR or JACQ Frost
  • Vanilla Story mods, like America Rising
  • Most Quest mods
  • Location Overhaul mods
  • Mods that overhaul damage related things, like Better Locational Damage
  • Vanilla companion (Curie, Piper, Nick, ..) mods
  • Mods that edit the vanilla Factions, like the BoS or the Minutemen
  • Many LoversLab mods

A list of these mods can be found here. There is no claim for completeness.

Mods that need patches to work properly with FROST

These mods need patches for technical or balancing reasons.

  • Weapon Mods
  • Armor Mods
  • Worldspace mods
  • Creature Mods
  • Lighting Mods
  • Mods that add new crafting recipes
  • Mods that add new food item or chem items
  • Companion Mods
  • NPC Overhaul mods
  • Race replacer mods (My Little Pony, Nakanochan, …)

Outdated FROST Mods

Many frost mods and patches before 2019 have a high probability to be outdated or badly made, and will break things. A few FROST mods which were made after 2019 are also problematic. A list of these mods can be found here. This list does not contain every outdated FROST mod!