Here are some common problems that people encouter.

If you encounter one of the problems here, you probably didn’t read the guides properly. Shame on you! Keep in mind that the things here are just suggestions, they might not be the solution to your problem. If you need help, visit the Frost Discord Server.

My game crashes on startup!

This can have multiple reasons, you probably did not install Buffout 4 or other F4SE mods correctly and/or forgot to install a required file for a certain mod.

My game crashes in-game!

Common crashes are caused by this:

  • You uninstalled a mod mid-playthrough. Your save file is now corrupted, this can’t be fixed.
  • You installed Classic Holstered Weapons but not its Frost Config ini
  • You used the quick save function from Fallout 4. Never use it, it corrupt save files, you can thank Bethesda for that. Always make hard save files

If those are not the causes, then you should send us your Buffout 4 crashlog in #support-and-bugs on the Frost Discord Server, together with your load order, and we will help you. Buffout 4 Crash Logs can be found in documents/my games/fallout4/f4se/{: .path} If you followed the guides properly, you shouldn’t encounter crashes, unless you installed a mod that is not mentioned in the guide. FROST is as stable if not even more stable then the vanilla game, because a lot of quests and scripts from the main ghame are deactivated. If it crashes, it is most likely caused by your mod setup. We worked very hard in cooperation with other mod authors to make FROST as stable as possible.

I can’t hit anything with guns?!

FROST has an accuracy mechanic. You need perks (Rifleman, Gunslinger, …) in order to use guns properly. If you don’t like it, the MCM menu of FROST allows you to deactivate this feature in the Cheats Section of the menu.

My screen is black in-game or in the main menu

Sounds like you didn’t start your game through F4SE and/or your mod manager, or you didn’t install an ENB correctly.

Lose Files not enabled

The game tells you that lose files are not enabled? That means you didn’t enable lose files, or that you did not sort your load order correctly.

Textures and objects are glitching in and out of existence

Your load order is wrong and/or you forgot to install the Frost Cell Fixes. It might also be the case the case that you installed a mod that breaks precombines and put it after the Frost Cell Fixes. Don’t do that. Sort your load order and check that you downloaded all necessary files from the FROST sections of the guide(s).